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Gulfstream G450 Combining an impressive maximum range with a custom, this jet provides an unparalleled travel experience. Advanced sound suppression in the G450 improves cabin sound levels by 18 percent over its predecessor and signature oval windows provide a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

The world, at your wingtips.

Incomparable The G450 is the quintessential business jet. Add it to your company’s fleet, and this aircraft instantly raises the profile of your leadership team. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s an airborne dealmaker.

  • 8.056 km Range / 9h Flight Time
  • Max Speed - 1.078 km/h
  • 14 Passengers - Seating Configuration
  • 6 passengers - Sleeping Configuration
  • Enhanced Navigation and Synthetic Vision
  • Living Room, Dining Room, Private Suite

Go the distance. Intercontinental travel. Fly from New York City to anywhere in Europe, propelled by powerful twin Rolls-Royce engines. The luxuriously comfortable interior will make flight times pass quickly; so quickly, in fact, that you might not realize just how long the G450 is able to stay aloft. The range and speed capabilities of this jet make overseas travel all but trivial. There’s only one way describe the feeling of taking off in a G450: Powerful.

Welcome aboard!

This is where ideas that shape the world are born.

Take a moment. Than take another.

Latest in a long line of exceptional business aircraft. It keeps with a tradition of high luxury and design, while continuing to push the boundaries of performance and technology.

Sophistication & Style

The cabin has space for up to three living areas, two lavs and a full-sized galley, with seating for up to 16 guests and lie-flat sleeping accommodations for six.

Your window to the world

When you land in a G450, you’re sending a clear message to the world that you’ve arrived. It’s a message that transcends language, and proof that the most powerful statements are the ones you make without saying a word

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